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NSS is FNQ’s leading supplier of Simply Stainless modular solutions!

Simply Stainless is the world’s leading range of quality modular stainless steel sinks, tables, benches and stainless steel shelving which covers a whole spectrum of industries – from commercial kitchens and laundries for hotels, restaurants and food service operations to medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical applications where quality stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment and commercial catering equipment products are required.

Simply Stainless is the only modular stainless steel provider that offers a Lifetime Warranty on its standard range of sinks, benches and shelves. The key processes that Simply Stainless use involves consistency in construction and employing a rigorous quality checking system before items leave the factory.

Simply Stainless’ mission is to provide Quality, Availability and Value (QAV). Quality comes from the material and parts they use the careful and consistent way their products are manufactured.

Availability flow from the fact that their products are modular, meaning they are made in batches, ensuring availability of stock. Value also comes from their batched approach.

Compared to bespoke systems, Simply Stainless provides excellent value.

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