When you sit down for an ice cold beer there’s nothing better than sitting at a brilliantly designed bar…and we’ve done a few!

Our bars are generally fabricated in a counter lever frame system so all services can be run internally not visible to your clientele.

We can have a draftsman work with you to design any framing system to support the bar of your choice from start to finish, or we can simply work off a plan provided by you.

Your bar can consist of a number of different features, many of which we have incorporated into commercial and domestic bars:

  • Insulated Ice Wells
  • Drink Drip Trays
  • Insulated Eskys
  • Speed Racks (bottle holders)
  • Sink Units
  • Beer Font Trays
  • Hand Basins

 As well as fabricating your custom bar to suit your needs, we can also work with you and your team to supply you with the most suitable commercial catering equipment at a great cost!